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  • Work with 1 Manufacturer, Not Multiple

  • No Minimum Order Requirement

  • 30% or More Cost Savings

  • 100% Guaranteed




"I have personally worked with Hong for several years.  He has facilitated manufacturing of my company’s products in Asia.  Each time we have a product idea we first consult with Hong to help us identify the validity of having the product manufactured in Asia."


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You have a lot of options when it comes to manufacturing, so why choose MERI? For one, we are based in the U.S. and can coordinate your entire manufacturing project. Find out more here.


Why Choose MERI?

What is MERI?
Our Expertise

Meri is a US based and US owned global OEM company for the small to medium-sized companies whose market share is typically confined by their infrastructure.


It is a peace of mind to know that MERI works in both China and US jurisdiction so that you do not need to add any more of the complexity of all this to your life. 


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